Comelit Intercom Dubai UAE

With more than fifty years of experience and commitment to innovation, Comelit designs and manufactures the ultimate in video door entry CCTV, security and domestic automation systems on the market. Comelit, an international organisation with the entrepreneurial vitality and customer relations typical of a global company. Dos Tech dealing with intercom solution of various brands .An audio and video Comelit Intercom Dubai UAE system can help secure your property by allowing you to visually confirm, and audibly speak to visitors to your home or business, without risking forced entry by unlocking / opening the front door. An audio and video Comelit Intercom Dubai UAE door station, door strike, gate release can then be installed in the main access area, allowing residents to remotely view, speak to, and grant access to valid visitors, whilst the secured lock door keeps undesirable members of the public from gaining access to the secured area.

Our team of technician are fully trained on the entire Comelit Intercom Dubai UAE, including the Simplebus, Powercom and DIVA to name just a few of the wide range of Comelit equipment that we install and service.  As we are a full service security company not only an intercom installer, we can handle every aspect of your system including access control integration, AV solutions, Home automation and CCTV. Contact  us for  Comelit Intercom Dubai UAE.

Hands-free video door intercom / with color screen / indoor MAESTRO – Comelit Intercom.

Comelit Intercom Dubai UAE Maestro With its ultra thin 5.6 inch high definition monitor, eight microswitch buttons, with audio, ringtone volume, brightness and colour adjustments, Comelit Intercom Dubai UAE Maestro is a symbolic expression of the technological revolution. An outstanding solution in both technique and materials.All the elegance and discreteness of the ultra thin screen in two solutions to meet any  requirement: the surface mounted version, simple to install and desk top version with plinth coordinated with the monitor itself.


Indoor video door intercom / hands-free / with color screen PLANUX LUX 6101W/C – Comelit Intercom  

Comelit Intercom Dubai UAE with Colour monitor with 3.5”, On-Screen Display and glass cover. With Comelit Intercom touch-sensitive technology and full-duplex hands-free function. Audio volume, call volume, colour, brightness and contrast adjustment. Ringtones can be customised, selecting from the 7 melodies provided. Backlit control panel consisting of: 1 key button, 1 enable/disable audio button, 1 privacy or doctor function button which can be selected via the menu, 1 self-ignition button, 2 buttons for various uses and 4 buttons for entry, confirmation and navigation within the menus.


Indoor video door intercom / hands-free / with color screen BRAVO 5702BM – Comelit Intercom

Comelit Intercom Bravo is a very slim and elegant line characterises the “Handset” version. The Comelit Intercom monitor is able to satisfy all aesthetic requirements and is available in the colour or B/W version with a 4” screen. As standard,Comelit Intercom Bravo is fitted with a door-opening pushbutton and two pushbuttons for various functions, signalling LED, brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment and slide call volume adjustment . Without having to open the monitor, it is possible to add a supplementary card with four additional pushbuttons or a card with two additional LEDs and pushbuttons


Indoor video door intercom / hands-free / with color screen SMART 6302/BM –  Comelit Intercom

Comelit Intercom is flush-mounted or Surface Mounted colour monitor with 3.5 screen and Full-Duplex hands-free magnetic loop audio forfor the hard of hearing. Comelit Intercom  allows audio volume adjustment, ringtone volume adjustment with privacy activation indicator light and brightness control. Fitted as standard with key button, audio enabling/disabling button with corresponding indication LEDs and 2 other buttons pre-set for self-ignition and switchboard call. Comelit Intercom is normally used for floor door call and call repetition management, and comes complete with an 8-position DIP SWITCH for user code programming, as well as a second 8-position DIP SWITCH for programming management.


Indoor video door intercom / hands-free / with color screen DIVA –  Comelit Intercom

Comelit Intercom is made of ABS with aluminium front, fitted with hands-free function, call volume adjustment. Comelit Intercom ,Fitted with a door open pushbutton, an open speech channel pushbutton provided with LED, 1 pushbutton for the Call tone privacy’ function provided with LED and 3 free pushbuttons for various services. Comelit Intercom can be converted into a desk version by adding art.