Commax Intercom Dubai UAE

COMMAX, has been developing products and marketing them for the global market over the last 40 years since its establishment in 1968. COMMAX, as a world-renowned leading company in the field of interphones, video door phones, home automation and home network systems, has been exporting products under COMMAX brand to 120 different countries. Also, COMMAX has been gaining technological competitiveness by continuous accumulation of technology and obtaining international quality certificates such as UL and TUV, and is now acknowledged as a top class company in the field of IT where it continues to strive for creating a new lifestyle of living environment for customers all over the world.

The Commax Intercom Dubai UAE range of audio and video intercom systems are renown for durability and functionality. The Commax Intercom Dubai UAE range of audio and video intercom systems include multi level apartment intercom entry systems, video intercom systems, audio only intercom systems, business intercom systems, access control and CCTV interfaced intercom systems. Contact us for Commax Intercom Dubai UAE products.

Commax Audio/Video Intercom


The Commax  audio & video entry security phones are very convenient for verification and identification of persons requesting entry and can range from a single door audio unit to multiple doors video systems. Commax Video entry systems have the added advantage of visual verification before allowing access through releasing door locks. Our Commax Intercom Dubai UAE range includes many unique advantages with the wide varieties of colors and shapes of push button, double-call push-button and digital entrance panels. Monitors can also be supplied in monochrome or color version, they can be provided with image memory.

DOS Technologies Install Video Intercom / Door phone unit in Villas Anywhere in Dubai and across UAE includes ABUDHABI, SHARJAH, AJMAN, RAS- AL- KAIMAH, UMM AL QUWAIN & AL AIN with one year warranty, Communications to your gate door is essential for total security and convenience. The Commax audio/Video intercom system is very convenient for verification and identification of person requesting entry ,Video entry systems have the added advantage of visual verification before allowing access through releasing door locks.

Commax Video Door Phone

Commax-Intercom-Dubai-UAECommax Video door phone can satisfy your needs with home secure functions such as monitoring visitors and recording the image of visitors. Commax Video door is featured with easy installation and wiring for various installation environments. As it enables simultaneous communications and telephone calls, users can talk to a security guard and visitors at the door and open the entrance. As image memory is built in, it is possible to check visitors by recording visitors’ images. It is adapted powerful security function and easy to use OSD(On-screen display). In the house, offices and hospitals, video door phone can provide you with remarkable convenience and safety.

Commax TV Phone

Commax-Intercom-Dubai-UAECOMMAX kitchen TV phone Dubai consists of a basic receiver that receives TV signals, a monitor that displays video signals and dial button that implements telephone functions. Commax Intercom Dubai UAE  enables users not only to watch TV while cooking in the kitchen and but also to conveniently check visitors without going to the entrance by using such external units as a door camera and a door bell that are installed outside the entrance. Commax TV Phone is characterized by clear images, 270-degree revolution enabling users to watch TV at any angle and convenient receipt of phone calls and checking of visitors in connection with home automation. And what is more, it is equipped with a convenient speaker phone enabling users to make a phone call in the kitchen, and the telephone number is indicated on LCD at a time of making a call.

COMMAX door phone

Commax-Intercom-Dubai-UAECOMMAX door phone Dubai is an interactive communication device that controls and manages visitors more conveniently and safely through communications between a visitor and a resident with a call button installed outside the door. Commax Intercom Dubai UAE is often used in condominium, house and office, and even any technician can use it easily due to easy installation and wiring. The door phone consists of a speaker and a microphone for voice communications between a visitor at the door and an indoor station and guarantees the best quality communications with a digital circuit. The COMMAX door phone is characterized by excellent channel expandability between master phone and sub station. For safety and convenience, communications to a security guard from inside the house and to visitors at the entrance. Easy communications use in various places including offices, homes, factories and hospitals. We are the best installers of Commax Intercom Dubai UAE.

COMMAX digital door lock Dubai

Commax-Intercom-Dubai-UAECOMMAX digital door lock Dubai that includes RF card based non-contact type and fingerprint recognition type adopts easy-to-use manipulation system, powerful security function and sophisticated design, it is widely used to open and close doors not only in homes and offices but also in factories. As COMMAX digital door is interlinked with home network system, it provides enhanced convenience at home as state-of-the-art digital door lock system. The Commax door lock consists of a key control unit to release the door lock through the use of a key insertion groove, a key control unit lock to fix or revolve a rotating body and an electric circuit to release the door lock. Since the Commax door lock includes panic system that enables a resident to open the door through a simple key action at a time of emergency, even old people and children can easily use it. If the Commax door is forcibly opened, it gives the alarm, and its double-lock system keeps residents safe by preventing from opening the door even the use of a key or a password from outside.

Commax Colour Video & Audio Intercom Systems – Low Rise Residential UAE

Commax CAV71B – Multi Colour Video Intercom System – 4 Door/Camera / 20 Video Monitor
Commax CAV71BQ – Quad Colour Video Intercom System – 4 Door/Camera / 3 Video Monitor
Commax CDV70AD – Handsfree Colour Video Intercom System – 2 Door / 3 Video Mon / 2 Audio Handset
Commax CDV50AD – Handsfree Colour Video Intercom System – 2 Door / 2 Video Mon / 1 Audio Handset
Commax CDV50PD – Colour Video Intercom System – 2 Door / 2 Video Monitor / 2 Audio Handset
Commax DP2HPN – Audio Only Intercom System – 1 Door / 1 Audio Handset
Commax DPHP01- Audio Only Intercom System – 1 Door / 2 Audio Handsets

Commax Business Intercom Systems – Audio Only Intercom Systems UAE

Commax DRDW2N – Business Audio Only Intercom System – 1 Door / 9 Audio Handset
Commax TP90AN – Business Audio Only Intercom System – up to 90 Audio Handsets
Commax PI10L – Business Audio Only Intercom System – 1 Master / 10 or 30 Slave Handsets

Commax Audio & Video Apartment Intercom Systems – High Rise Residential UAE

Commax DR2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16AM – Audio Push Button Intercom System – 1 Door / up to 16 Handsets
Commax DRC – Digital Keypad Video Audio Intercom System – 99 Door / 480 Monitor

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