Urmet Intercom Dubai UAE

Urmet Intercom Dubai UAE for the residential and commercial market, Urmet Intercom Dubai UAE provides solutions that suit your needs. Urmet Intercom Dubai UAE provide  complete range, dedicated to who likes to choose and combine monitors , door phones to the style of their interior design. Classic, top-notch and trendy:  ideal look can be chosen for every space to assert good taste and character of your home right from the entrance door. The Miro Handsfree is the latest addition to the URMET Intercom 2 Voice Apartment Intercom selection. Contact   us for the latest model of Urmet Intercom Dubai UAE.  Urmet IP Intercom is a new hands-free monitor is at the forefront of communication. IP protocol throughout, this devices allows to manage all new functions using a touch screen and user-friendly icon interface. The surface of the Urmet Intercom Dubai UAE 7” display is perfectly coplanar with the shiny black frame creating a streamline appearance and a device which speaks of high quality and innovation.Urmet Intercom Dubai UAE provided with integrated camera, double stereo speaker and Internet connection, iModo turns your video door phone monitor into a genuine apartment station capable of providing all the most modern functions of an integrated video door phone system  and audio and video home automation functions, such as playing mp3 files in stereo mode and storing and playing videos on SD cards.

Outdoor door station / for video intercoms / modular / IP SINTHESI S2 – Urmet Intercom

Urmet-Intercom-Dubai-UAEUrmet Intercom Sinthesi S2 exclusively features colour cameras.Urmet Intercom  is available with speech synthesis modules, light indicators and induction loop for hearing-aid users.in Urmet Intercom Sinthesi S2 Proximity and access control modules guarantee a safer and more comfortable access management. Urmet Intercom Sinthesi S2 has an aluminium structure with IP 42 protection degree against dust and water ingress

Outdoor door station / for video intercoms / vandal-proof SINTHESI STEEL – Urmet Intercom

Urmet-Intercom-Dubai-UAEUrmet Intercom Sinthesi Steel is a safe entry panel, with a steel structure that makes it resistant to acts of vandalism, impacts and infiltrations of liquids. In Urmet Intercom the buttons are flush with the panel, preventing damage to the entry panel external elements. The wide-angle colour camera offers a wide visual field.

Indoor video door intercom / hands-free / with color screen AIKO – Urmet Intercom 

Urmet-Intercom-Dubai-UAEUrmet Intercom is soft touch, hand-free video doorphone. Urmet intercom Aiko is Hands-free monitor with 4,3″ TFT colour display. Soft touchcommands. No bracketneeded. 31 intercomcalls, hands-free audio, additionalservices, door opener, adjustable call volume with mute and LED indication.

Indoor video door intercom / with color screen EGEO –  Urmet Intercom

Urmet-Intercom-Dubai-UAEWhen you place a call, when you look who’s visiting, when you control your surroundings, Urmet Intercom Dubai UAE is in your life. From the Group’s experience in the sector of telephone systems, video-doorphones and video-surveillance systems comes Egeo Urmet Intercom Dubai UAE : a unique product in the world of telecommunications, as it puts together three systems: a multi-functional advanced telephone terminal, a video-doorphone and a CCTV monitor.

Indoor video door intercom / with color screen / touch screen IMODO – Urmet Intercom

Urmet-Intercom-Dubai-UAEUrmet Intercom Dubai UAE ,IMODO is 7” colour touch screen IP monitor, for IperVoice system. IperVoice connection over CAT5/5e/6 UTP cable and RJ45 connector. Provision for floor call. Input for panic button. Let you call any system user from onscreen virtual control panel or internal directory. No separate bracket required. Manages IperHome apartment building automation systems. Audio video intercom calls. Powered from PoE switch or by local power unit.

Indoor video door intercom / with color screen / touch screen NEXO –  Urmet Intercom

Urmet-Intercom-Dubai-UAEUrmet Intercom Nexo represents the apex of technology evolution in the field of video-doorphone systems with coaxial system. In Urmet Intercom ,A 7 colour TFT monitor, hands-free audio and a simple interface make for a tool that is easy to use and beautiful to look at. Innovation driven by passion With the new monitor Nexo. Urmet Intercom is set to revolutionise and give new impetus to the video doorphone . Urmet Intercom Nexo offers a modern design providing a contemporary home accent, improved security thanks to higher image resolution.

Our Solutions – DOS Technologies

An Urmet video intercom system provides you with security and protection. You never have to wonder who is at your front door again. With our Intercom systems you are able to view and communicate with the person outside of your door without physically opening the door. All of our Urmet video intercom monitors are equipped with touch screen capabilities, picture memory and are compatible with CCTV security cameras adding extra protection to our already secured systems. Contact Us for Urmet Intercom Dubai UAE . We are install and supply Urmet Intercom Dubai UAE.

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